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Chef Rieger brings his experience and passion for food to ICASI students from across continents, working in the finest European hotels and serving such notables as Aristotle Onassis, Hubert Humphrey, Maria Callas and the Shah of Persia. Born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, he was taken away from his home at eleven years old to work on a farm. He moved to many parts of the country, learning Italian, French and German along the way. He also learned the art of butchering and baking, at that time dreaming of becoming a chef. Although usually the wealthy only had access to such an education, he was given an opportunity to study culinary and pastry arts, opening the door to his life long passion of cooking. His experience has taken him to lead the American Airlines Sky Chefs, the Chef Saucier for Swiss Air, to be the Research and Development Chef for Idlewild Farms, and the Regional Supervising Chef of ARA Services. He was also the Corporate Executive Chef for Archis Hotel Corporation. After his success as the owner/ operator of Steffon's Gourmet Wizardry in Pepper Pike, Ohio, his talent (and following) went to Walden Golf and Tennis Club and then to Acacia Country Club in Lyndhurst, Ohio where he was the Executive Chef.